Bistro TONE

Enjoy delicious grilled dishes, fast food, and home-cooked Istrian meals and Istrian specialties at our bistro. All our dishes are prepared with daily fresh ingredients.

Our bistro has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We have an excellent roofed terrace outside, where you can enjoy the fresh Istrian air under all weather circumstances. And the cozy interior of our bistro with authentic Istrian details offers you plenty of space to make yourself comfortable.

We also accept takeout orders, so you can also enjoy our delicious food at your holiday home. If you would like to celebrate your birthday or organize an event at our bistro, please contact us in advance, so we can arrange everything in detail just the way you like.

On our menu


Skewers, pork chops, spare ribs, steak, suckling pig, lamb, minced meat rolls (ćevapi), large beefburger (pljeskavica), calamaris, mixed grill.

Fast food

Hamburger, cheeseburger, chickenburger, toast with ham and cheese, hot sandwich, vegetarian toast, vegetarian hot sandwich, french fries, salad.

Istrian specialties

Istrian home-cooked meal of the day, Istrian grilled sausages and pork loin, Istrian dried ham, Istrian cheese with olive oil, and of course a glass of Istrian wine.

... and many more delicious dishes and drinks.

Our location

Bistro TONE
Juršići 1, Svetvinčenat, Croatia

U.O. Sandra, Owner Sandra Lazarić
Tax number (OIB): 81748480749

T: +385-52-817415
M: +385-98-9529946

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Opening hours

Bistro 7 - 23.30 (every day)
Kitchen 10 - 14 & 18 - 23 (every day)

Languages, Jezici, Sprachen